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Commercial Upholstery

Seating – Fine restaurant seating from repairs to the design and creating an entire construction of booth seating. Re-Upholstering vintage furniture, headboards and such for resorts and interior designers

Town Vehicles for Police, Fire, Highway department and auto dealerships. We’ve provided new headliners and new upholstery for seats and arm rests.

Farm equipment - Patriot Upholstery has made a weather proof enclosure while recovering the seat for a local farmer’s supply store.

Daycare mats and large play blocks. Golf carts seats and canopies.

Patriot Upholstery can reupholster exam tables for medical offices and lobby seating.

Awning and Patio umbrellas. We make these for any industry, some with custom graphics. We can have them cleaned and waterproofed. We’ve even produced for the movie set of Moonrise Kingdom.

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